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No.2569 | 《地上職》ユニバーサル・アビエーション羽田・成田・関西空港スタッフ【経験者優遇】【未経験者可*条件あり】



Concierge on the Ground,
Universal Aviation is the Global Service Provider Leading General Aviation Industry.

Universal Aviation has about 50+ FBOs and ground support locations in more than 25+ countries and known for delivering great experience on the ground that exceeds expectations. We provide full ground support and high-quality of service to our VIP Private/Business Jet Clients around world as leading company in this industry.

Universal Aviation team is looking for career-minded professionals with a passion for providing high touch, stellar customer service to lead the future of the business aviation industry.
Join our professional team! At Universal, Together We Move Organizations that Move the World.

Ground Handling Specialists (Haneda/Narita/Kansai)

|Job Description|
Ground Handling Specialist is tailored to those looking to build close relationships with clients, earn their trust, and build a career in aviation.
AAs a Ground Handling Specialist, you’ll serve as the primary customer-facing contact for global customers and collaborate with them closely to coordinate the safest and most economical global flight operations.

Your Team and Responsibilities:

Our professional team supports thousands of flights all over Japan that touch people’s lives in all kinds of ways.
This is not only for business, leisure, family, but also humanitarian and government. We supported presidential aircrafts in Osaka G20 Summit, Emperor’s Enthronement Ceremony and Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and many more events coming ahead such as G7 Summit, Osaka Expo etc.
You will be a member of our Ground Handling Team and experience to help those VIP customers missions succeed. In our professional team, you will be responsible for:

Coordination and Set Up Operation based on Client Request
・Ground Handling for Aircraft
・Airport Coordination with Airport Authorities and Vendors
・Coordinate with Embassy and Governments
・Meet and Greet Passenger/Crew with hospitality
・Supervise Vendors on Site
・Ad hoc duties to support the team

Required/Desired Skills:

・High School Graduate or the above

・Driving License in Japan (Standard Motor Vehicle) and Towing License (Preferable)

・High Level Communication Skills both in Japanese and English
*For Foreign Nationals: must N1 holder. Trilingual are welcomed

・2-3 years’ Experience in General Aviation Industry or Ground Handling Experience (Preferable)

Desired Personality:

・Positive and Cheerful
・Have Strong Hospitality
・Emphasis on Teamwork
・Strong Work Ethic and Willingness to Embrace Change

Work Location:

・Tokyo International Airport
3F Large Hangar, 1-5-5 Haneda, Ota-Ku, Tokyo

・Narita International Airport
D1015 Terminal Building 2, Narita International Airport,Narita, Chiba

・Kansai International Airport
Room 1415, SiS Rinku-Tower,
1 Rinku Ourai Kita, Izumisano-City,Osaka

Work Hours:

・Shift Working System
*Working Hours differ depending on work location

Salary Range:

・JPY4,200,000 – JPY5,000,000
*Salary is set based on experience


Annual Holidays:
124 days (from July 2021 to June 2022)

Annual Leave:
Granted based on the company regulations

SSpecial Leave:
for Wedding, Funeral etc.

Housing Allowance, Commutation, Remote Work Allowance, Airport Allowance

・Social Insurance:
Health Insurance, Pension, Employment Insurance,Workmen’s Accident Compensation Insurance


・Bonus (Twice in a year) and Pay Raise
*Paid according to the company’s performance

・Extra Pay for Overtime, Midnight, Holiday Work etc.

How to apply:/strong>

Please send resume and CV to
Attention to: Human Resource Department

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